CLOTH & KIND's design philosophy is deeply rooted in Krista & Tami's shared love of creating spaces that are warm, inviting, layered and infinitely livable. That philosophy, however, realizes its true potential when they are working with clients who are actively engaged in the creative process. Inspired collaboration is what they call it, and it's kind of magical. 

For residential & commercial clients, CLOTH & KIND offers full service, highly personalized interior design services. Krista & Tami are deeply involved in every project and engage their clients in an imaginative process to create spaces with history and heart, with story and substance. 

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Virtual Vibe is a single day, flat fee interior design consultation that can be done via a video conference call (no matter how far you are) or in person. Here's how it works.

// 5 hours of creative design consultation with both Krista & Tami 
// video conferencing allows everyone to 'be in the same room' even if we're not 

// deep dive creative design session on 1-2 rooms of your choice (up to 1,000 sq. ft.)
// tap Krista & Tami's brains, collaborate with them, bounce ideas off of them, use them however you most need them to design your space within the defined amount of time you are working together in your virtual vibe session
// you execute the plan on your own, over time as it suits you to purchase the pieces needed to complete the design of your space

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IMAGE CREDITS // CLOTH & KIND Interior Design, photographed by Rinne Allen & Paige French